What adventure means to Intrepid travellers

Nearly 70 percent of Australians define “adventure travel” as getting off-the-beaten track, as opposed to adrenaline-junkie pursuits, according to Intrepid‘s inaugural Adventure Travel Index.

The Index, which looked at trends in 2017, also revealed that women are leading the way when it comes to solo trips, while an increasing number of families are opting for more challenging holidays.

“Adventure travel is one of the fastest growing sectors in tourism, and Australians are leading the way,” says Intrepid Group CEO James Thornton.

One of the reasons adventure travel is on the rise is because we’re overworked, according to the findings. Research shows that 51 percent of Australians choose an adventure holiday because they’re tired and stressed. As for the type of vacation, cycling has skyrocketed in popularity.

Age is no barrier, either, with the research revealing that all demographics are keen to head to Peru, Cambodia, Morocco, Cuba and India.

As for Australian travellers’ favourite adventure destinations, the Index found that Iceland, Croatia and China are becoming more popular. No longer is Myanmar on our radars, dropping from Intrepid’s top 20 list, however the United States is slowly coming back in favour.

When it comes to how we view adventure travel, 43 percent of Australians think of it as escaping typical tourist trails, while 26 percent see it as experiencing something new.

Looking ahead, next year we’re expected to see renewed interest in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Moldova, Greenland and Kazakhstan, while millennials and Gen Z will “drive increased demand for responsible travel”.

*The Adventure Travel Index combines Intrepid statistics, external research, studies from Deloitte and Nielsen, and a survey of local tour leaders worldwide.

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