Ski thermals that rock

No longer do you have to hide your old misshapen thermals under a hoodie or flannelette shirt when you stop for lunch on the slopes. Swedish company Eivy Clothing is adding plenty of colour and cool designs to women’s ski racks with its Unbored Onboard base layers range. Think matching tops and pants with prints ranging from maroon roses and wine-coloured camo to leopard and vanlife motifs.


I tested out the Icecold Hoodie Top (749,00 kr) (AUD$130) and Icecold Tights (599,00 kr) (AUD$100) in “yellow flower” on a recent snowboard holiday in British Columbia, Canada. Made primarily from polyester, the thermals were comfortable, warm and stayed dry. The soft fabric compares more to a great pair of gym tights than traditional Polypropylene thermals, and they kept their shape the entire month-long trip.

Although the hood was largely redundant due to the fact I wore a snowboard helmet and it wouldn’t fit underneath or over the top, the integrated neck warmer was a Godsend, providing protection against wind and sub-zero temperatures.

The sleeves (with thumb holes) and back of the top are long so that wrists and waist aren’t exposed to cold weather – great for those snow storm riding days.

The base layers are designed to be worn whenever, not just on the mountain, and I can see myself reaching for them on cool days at home and when exercising. Manufactured out of a quick-drying, moisture-wicking blend of polyester and elastane, Eivy was created by Swedish snowboarder Anna Vister in 2009 and is produced in the ski resort of Åre, Sweden.

We’re grateful Vister’s creations have made it to Australia and have no doubt Eivy is set to change the often lack-lustre women’s ski clothing industry for the better. Add Eivy’s partnership with Protect Our Winters and you’re onto a winner.

Cost: 1348,00 kr (AUD$230)

Verdict: Comfortable, warm, stylish and worth the money.


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