An Aussie twist on s’mores

When it comes to cooking over a campfire, the simple roasted marshmallow is always a crowd-pleaser. But what if you took that gooey goodness and turned the indulgence factor up a notch? The s’more, meaning “some more”, is embedded in North American camping culture and is as popular in the US and Canada as the cheese and ham jaffle is in Australia.

Traditionally, it’s a square of milk chocolate and a roasted marshmallow sandwiched between two Graham (wheat) crackers. It’s simple, tasty and plenty of fun for the whole family. You can experiment with your favourite chocolate and cookies, or try our version with an Aussie twist.


Serves 1


2 ANZAC biscuits

1 Pascall marshmallow

1 Caramello Koala


  1. Pierce the marshmallow with the end of a thin, long stick and roast over a campfire until it is charred to your liking and soft to touch. Then take the marshmallow off the stick and place it on an ANZAC biscuit.
  2. Place the Caramello Koala on top of the marshmallow and push gently down to squash the melted marshmallow evenly over the biscuit.
  3. Top with another ANZAC biscuit and eat like a sandwich.

(Note: best not to serve to children just before bedtime.)

Roasting marshmallows over a campfire at a free camp in Western Australia.
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