A rain jacket for wild women

Whether you’re into hiking mountains or tracing seaside trails, a quality all-weather jacket makes the difference with how long you’ll last in the outdoors. Penny pinch too much and you’ll end up feeling every gust of biting wind blown your way, or your adventure will quickly lead to a cold, sweaty one thanks to the fabric’s suffocating qualities. Fortunately, Kathmandu’s Expedite Women’s ngx Rain Coat has neither of those faults.

I’ve put it to the test in various weather conditions at numerous locations around Australia and am impressed with my investment. It’s kept me dry from sea spray in 20-metre swell while whale watching in New South Wales, and has allowed me to hike for hours through Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park in Tasmania on a wild, wet day.

It’s cut out wind and blocked rain on multiple day trips thanks to sealed seams and nylon outer fabric. It’s light-weight, too, making it an easy addition to my backpack when the weather is questionable. The two large front pockets are excellent for holding camera lens caps, notepads, pens and muesli bars, while the addition of bigger but hidden side pockets means I can keep my hands extra warm, or stuff a pair of gloves in them.

Then there’s the hood, which is massive – a welcome change to the usual half hood in women’s apparel. It’s adjustable, too. The jacket’s length, to the tops of thighs, is welcome as it provides extra warmth and means zero back exposure caused by low jeans.

Lastly, the zip is not only stylishly hidden and protected from wet conditions, but the soft covering means it doesn’t scratch at a wind-chapped chin. The Kathmandu Expedite Women’s rain jacket is a top investment for any adventurer.

Cost: $200

Verdict: Comfortable, practical and stylish. Well worth the money.

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